Dear Block B

Hello there~
This is a place where anyone can write letters, poems, whatever you can think of that you would like to send to Block B.

Who knows? They just might see it one day. :D

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Dear Block B, 

Well, fuck me…now preferably.

With love,

Sexual Frustration

Dear BLock B, 

As a fan who has been with you from before your debut, I am extremely proud of you. Even though there haven’t been ideal results yet, you have made amazing accomplishments. You have a huge number of international fans, more than local fans, and your fan-cafe numbers are the second largest of any rookie group that debuted last year. You’ve sold hundreds, thousands of copies of your mini album, have your own clothing line (per say), and have shared a whole TV reality show with another rookie group. I’d say that that’s pretty successful for a rookie group.

You deserve to be invited to all those special events like Idol Olympics and Gayo Daejuns. You deserve to have more fans in Korea. You deserve to have more attention than you have now. You deserve to win a music prize.

We’ll all work hard to make you proud this year.



Dear Block B 

Please come to my country~Malaysia.

Im so dying want to see you guys and im collecting my money now with hope you will come to my country~


Dear Block B, 

I haven’t been a fan for long. 48 days to be exact. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you as much as other BBCs, because trust me, I do.

I love leader Zico and his rapping. I loved his Jamaican Beggar dreadlocks, I loved his short brown hair, and I love his blond hair now. I love his goofy personality which we now get to see every week in Studio C, and I love the dedication he has to his group and his position as leader, despite his age.

I love sharky Taeil and his voice. Even though he’s the oldest, he’s just so cute and adorable… Even though he doesn’t like his face I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I imaging other BBCs feel the same. I wish he would stop covering up because the bottom line is that he doesn’t need to. He’s just too cute, okay?

I love Jaehyo and his derpin’. He’s the prettiest of them all, and one of the oldest, but sometimes he acts/is treated just like the maknae. He’s so unbelievably silly and personally, I love it when he’s being egotistical/vain in interviews and such because I know he doesn’t mean it. I find it hilarious, tbh.

I love Kyung the cucumber. I love reading cuts from Starry Night with him and Zico and Jaehyo because he’s just so witty and funny. I love when he turns on the grease too. Even though some of it seems like a joke, you can tell he really loves the BBCs. He says it often enough, does he not? He just cracks me up.

I love P.O. the “false” maknae. I love his deep voice and charisma when he’s onstage rapping. He’s so manly then. I also love how unbelievably adorable he is. There’s Toto, the way he covers his face every time he shows aegyo, the way he plays around with the other members… He’s just like a little baby that I want to hold and squish forever!

Lastly, my biases.

I love U-kwon, the smile. I love his powerful dancing and sexy body, even the slightly nasally way he sings. I love the fact that he plays guitar… That in itself is sexy as hell. I love when he acts adorable and makes cute faces on fancams. I hate how he’s already been involved in a scandal, but I’m so proud of the way he came out of it, just as happy and smiley as before. I hope something like that never happens again.

I love the SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT B-Bomb. My ultimate bias (of the moment). I love his silent and chic image. I love when he starts dancing. I love when he acts goofy with the guys. I love how you just know that as a dancer he’s got the same hot body as U-kwon, even if he really hasn’t shown it yet. And, um Ikindawanttofuckhimokaybye.

Bottom line: I love these boys. I’m a little disappointed their comeback had to be pushed back, but at the same time, I know it’s so that they give us the best possible performance they can, so I don’t really mind at all. I hope that with this new mini-album they get a new variety show, because let’s be honest- Who wouldn’t love more Block B in their life?