Dear Block B

Hello there~
This is a place where anyone can write letters, poems, whatever you can think of that you would like to send to Block B.

Who knows? They just might see it one day. :D

Please read the rules before submitting!

o1. Please have all posts be in English. If you need help with it you can ask one of the admins to peer it for you. They wouldn’t mind at all. :]
o2. Use proper grammer, punction, etc. No posts that are in chat speak will be taken. Pretend it’s just like you’re actually sending it to Block B.
o3. Submissions can be in photo or text form. Neither one matters to us. :D
o4. Whatever you want to write about can be rated R or NC-17 if you like. If they are we will but it under a read more for the sake of others who read these submissions.

More rules might be added in the future or some might be changed around.